About Spirit Road Radio

—Ride with us as we continue our three-year journey.

SpRd-logo-4color-web “Each broadcast we take a virtual road-trip—a ‘journey on the airwaves’—to discover crossroads of spirituality and social change,” explains co-host Gina Soleil. “Through a theater-of-the-mind format, we weave spiritual activist interviews with music, comedy, and games,” says co-host Rick Bernardo. Spirit Road combines voice acting, sound effects, and music to create a dramatic space for imagining.

We travel the Spirit Road to visit faiths, cultures, people, and political movements. Why? To discover the many reflections of spirituality, while promoting social engagement to create a prosperous, peaceful, caring culture.

Spirit Road format allows us to move beyond doctrine to navigate deeper undercurrents of religions and cultural wisdoms. The show is, by turns, character-driven and appropriately irreverent as it playfully explores issues of conviction, commitment, expression, and action. This politically and spiritually informed collage of satire, stories of spiritual activism, intelligent questions and goofiness brings moments of inspiration and insight. “It’s sort of Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ meets Krista Tippet’s ‘Speaking of Faith’ meets ‘Car Talk,’” says Rick.

After 36 monthly broadcast-journeys, we are planning for weekly travels on the Spirit Road. Wherever you are on your journey, come on along as we travel the crossroads of spirituality and social change.
It’s a trip.

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