Program Principles and Listener Agreement Disclosure:

  1. We can be spiritual and down to earth and have fun—though not always at the same time. So we will have fun, when appropriate, while going deeper.* There are significant, important, even serious matters. That does not mean we have to take ourselves seriously or be self-important.
  2. We are about actions, not only words.* What you or anyone else knows is interesting, possibly even useful, but makes no difference unless we are inspired—and moved to act.
  3. We will move the conversation from what is wrong to what is missing that would make a difference.
  4. We will have little problem answering important questions with a question; we will notice and not even try to answer questions that are framed badly.*
  5. We will agree with others when we can.*
  6. The stories we tell define us and our culture; we must choose our stories wisely.
  7. We will notice what makes you or us uncomfortable, and consider gently moving towards it.
  8. We acknowledge that being human is not reserved for a dominant culture.
  9. We will consider that music is prayer with wings, and comedy could be prayer on roller skates.
  10. Nobody should get hurt. Compassion is not weakness, but authentic power.
*Thanks and a nod to Brian McLaren, founding pastor of Cedar Ridge Community Church, Spencerville MD, for this principle.
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