Kudos from Spirit Road Travelers...

Traveling the Crossroads of Spirituality and Social Change…

The Spirit Road offers a wonderful “hitchhiker’s guide” to the spiritual galaxy.

—Rev. Grant Abbott, recent Executive Director
St. Paul Area Council of Churches

It’s a pleasure to dance with you on this road; it’s a great journey. And it’s important what you’re doing, very important.

—Ashok Gangadean, Co-convener,
World Commission on Global Consciousness & Spirituality
May 28, 2008 Spirit Road broadcast

Thank you for having that kind of journey—it’s exactly what religious people need to do.

—Archbishop (ret.) John Shelby Spong
Theologian/best-selling author,
Jesus for the Nonreligious
March 24, 2007 Spirit Road broadcast

Spirit Road was a great place to play and promote just a week before the Northland Bioneers Conference. I love the creative approach they take to shed light humorously. It’s an honor to be invited to speak to them and their dedicated Spirit Road listeners.

—Vonda Vaden, Director, Northland Bioneers Conference
Principal, V Creative •
10th Dot


SPIRIT ROAD 60-sec. broadcast promotion

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