Typical Radio Show Breakdown (1 hr)

Traveling the Crossroads of Spirituality and Social Change…

  • Opening: co-hosts welcome listeners and preview the journey—guests to visit and other stops along the road
  • Queen of the Road offers words of wisdom for the trip
  • 25–30 minutes of interviews with spiritual activists from grassroots America and beyond—some nationally recognized, some locally known, or both
  • Call-in Guests: conversation with relevant experts about current events, or calls from humorous characters
  • Transcendent Drive-In Movie-of-the-Week: we play an audio clip of a film, then listeners call in, guess the film, and win a prize (like a gift card)
  • Spiritual Headlines of the Week: news and commentary with the pith intact
  • Closing thoughts and music

SPIRIT ROAD 60-sec. broadcast promotion
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